Dienstag, 23. Juni 2020

IARU Reg.1 50MHz contest DM3F

As it is now possible to participate officially in 6m contests from Germany we took the chance to be active. I found it interesting to try digital modes in a contest as well, as there were no separate categories for MGM modes. Also there is no Multi category in this years edition. MGM modes were kind of a mess because WSJT-X introduced in the latest versions a incompatible format for the EU VHF contest mode (with version v2.2). I was using v2.1.2 with my old old WinXP logging laptop, which is also last version of WSJT-X to run with WinXP. After switching to my Linux laptop, using https://launchpad.net/~ki7mt/+archive/ubuntu/wsjtx repo, it wasn't better as this is still v2.1.0. After moving to MSHV v2.41 it was a little better, because this is based on the latest RC. But I needed to notice that also others were still on old versions, now there was the problem vice-versa.
Contest in the analog modes was the chase for ES, where Germany is maybe not in the best position because no high density population of hams in reach for the first hop. Still on Sunday ES was in good shape and brought nice QSOs. Over night I parked the RX on .313 and it was a nice surprise to see the sreen full of JA's when coming back on sunday morning to station. Of course they were not in contest, so I made some normal QSOs with them. In the CW portion there was no sign of JA although it could have neen possible (some up to -05dB in FT-8). Nice QSOs also to Ucraine esp. with UT8LN, with whom we had been on expedition to KN38 last year.
Antennas in sunset, second tower is 13cm

sunset in JO60om

also Microwave activity in DUR contest by DH1DM and DG2DWL

DH1DM and DG2DWL in action

sunset picture by DL2MRE

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