Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

23cm LNA from Ucraine

Pavel, US4ICI and his team from vhfdesign.com are building a nice preamp for 23cm. Details can be found here: http://en.vhfdesign.com/lna/lna-for-23cm-mmic-sky67151.html

It is doing a nice job:
23cm LNA

Passband with filtercurve from the ceramic filter, quite good input return loss
good suppression on 70cm

Noise figure measurement with HP 346B and Eaton 2075, with 10dB attenuator in front of the LNA its a bit worse abt. 0.5-0.6dB (for unknown reason)
because the preamp is going to be used for tropo the second stage was removed, the gain is now lower
its now 22dB @ 80mA

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